Event review: Coalescaremonium

CoalescaremoniumCoalescareomonium, Art Nouveau Noise
What: Gothic event
When: Saturday, April 2 2016
Where: Bouche à Oreille, Etterbeek, Belgium
Ticket price: €35 in pre-sales, €40 at the door

Despite the recent terrorist events in Brussels making it hard (or harder, depending on which transport you were using) for people to get into the city. As well as pretty late timed necessary changes to the program, Coalescaremonium once again established that, at the moment, they are the premiere, family friendly, Gothic event that Belgium has to offer as none of these misfortunes stopped them from putting on a great show.

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Event Review: Made in Asia (8th Edition)


Made in Asia
What: Asiamania convention
When: March 12 – 13 2016
Where: Brussels Expo, Laeken, Belgium

The past couple of years, there had been a lot of critique on Made in Asia: it was overcrowded, hardly any room to move, and especially to sit and relax. After the especially flawed 7th edition of last year, however, the organization finally realised that changes had to be made, and actually went ahead and made them. They clearly based themselves on the lay-out of Japan Expo near Paris, but hey, if it works, then it works. Which it does.

We can’t speak for Saturday, but Sunday Made in Asia was pleasant and good fun in general. Rather than cramping as much in as little halls of the Brussels Expo Palais they took up for that edition, they had properly fanned out. It didn’t mean that you didn’t have to look for things, but it did mean that you could move around. And find all the little steampunk treasures at the convention, and of course, fellow steampunks and dieselpunks!

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Event Announcement: Wave Gotik Treffen 2016

Wave Gotik Treffen logo

Event: Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT)
What: Gothic Festival
When: May 13 – 16 (weekend of Pentecost)
Where: Leipzig
Tickets: from 120€

This year’s Wave Gotik Treffen (or WGT for short) is the 25th edition of the world largest Gothic gathering. To celebrate the anniversary the opening party will take place at the amusement park “Belantis” in the south of Leipzig. Visitors can get there by car or by shuttle bus from the agra area, which is the main location of the WGT and also the camping area.

The celebration starts at 20:00 and all the fun rides will be open until midnight. In addition to that there will be several DJs all over the park and a big opening party at the pavilion.

But this opening party is only one of many attractions one gets for their money. During the weekend of Pentecost the whole city of Leipzig turns black. The locations for WGT parties and concerts are all over the city and you get to use the public transport system for free with a WGT ticket. (If you are visiting Leipzig and the Wave Gotik Treffen for the first time, we recommend having a look at the guide of sadgoth.com). Continue reading “Event Announcement: Wave Gotik Treffen 2016”