Product of the week: Classic Comic Colouring Book

scifi-horror-colouring-bookScifi and horror edition. Couloring books for adults have been a thing for quite a while, so it stands to reason that one that would appeal to the steampunk and dieselpunk community had to show up, sooner or later. This is one such artsy endeavour, filled with nothing but vintage posters of scifi and horror movie posters for you to colour in.
If you’re a fan of these, or have one amongst your friends and family, and you love colouring, then this could be an ideal holiday gift for yourself or a loved one!

Available from Book Depository (free shipping world-wide!) and no doubt other sources also (but you’ll have to Google for those yourself ;)).

scifi and horror colouring book

Compete for an Autographed Photo of Harry Potter’s James Phelps


Are you, much like us, a fan of the Harry Potter (movie) series?

Then you are in luck!

When The Gatehouse visited the grand re-opening of Harry Potter the Exhibition in Brussels, Belgium (more about that here), we were able to take some photos of actor James Phelps (who portrayed Fred Weasley) and have them signed to give away to you, the fans!

Entering is simple. Share this post on either Facebook or Twitter and answer this question:

“You are working for Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and you have to pitch a new product you invented to Fred and George. What did you think up, and what did you name it?”

Tag us in your post or tweet; The Gatehouse on Facebook or @the_gatehouse on Twitter. Or post a link in the comments here.

If you don’t want to do a write up, we also accept art submissions, just make sure your entry is safe for work. Continue reading “Compete for an Autographed Photo of Harry Potter’s James Phelps”

Exhibit Review: Harry Potter the Exhibition, Magical Winter Edition


We have reviewed Harry Potter, the Exhibition, before. But hang on, there’s a really good reason for us to speak about the event again.

For the first time ever, the Belgian leg of this traveling exhibit, has been expanded with new pieces. And not just any new pieces, some of them are so distinctively dieselpunk, we just have to talk about them.

When the expo re-opened on the 12th, in the presence of actor James Phelps (who plays the part of Fred Weasley), it was a great and fun event, that really did the expo justice.

James Phelps re-opening the Harry Potter exhibition in Brussels Expo

But now, onto the actual point of this piece: the new pieces. Continue reading “Exhibit Review: Harry Potter the Exhibition, Magical Winter Edition”

Event Review: MCM Comic Con Belgium

MCM Comic Con Belgium 2016

MCM Comic Con Belgium
What: pop culture convention
Where: Palais 7, Brussels Expo, Laeken, Belgium
When: November 5 and 6 2016

I’ve already posted the interview with Enver Gjokaj, which happened at this event, so now it is time for the actual event review!

MCM Com Con has built up quite a lot of fame with its conventions in the UK, in particular that in London. They are now expanding to mainland Europe, and slowly building up that same reputation here. If the first edition of MCM Comic Con Belgium is anything to go by, they’re on the right track. Continue reading “Event Review: MCM Comic Con Belgium”